York To Selby


York to Selby 30 miles round trip

Cycling  along the old disused  railway, with the river  Ouse coming  into view and crossing over  beautiful bridges. Fields  full of yellow  jersey  rape with smells of springtime foliage and bluebells. Promises of Tour du France and a Grand depart, York is getting ready for the amazing theatrical cycling experience.


A smooth  and flat fifteen  miles to Selby with barely  any traffic to negotiate even  a section  over the racecourse,with no Red Rum in sight. This busy cycle route full of every kind of bike from children to road biking enthusiasts even Grandad’s keeping fit and Ladies cycling along discussing what the latest fashions and soaps have in store.

This beautiful route will delight all. Leafy suburbs, cycling along the riverside, passing boats moored up and canoeists paddling and then endless open fields of Yellow rape and newly ploughed fields even a couple of Deers are spotted. We reached Selby across the old bridge a quick look at the Cathedral and then back towards York through the open countryside and quiet cyclepaths.


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