Col de la croix fry and Aravais



Col de la Croix- fry  1467 m and Col des Aravais 1486m

Start Le Grand Bonnand 22 miles

Total ascent 874m

It was an uphill battle all the way to Croix Fry, I was unsure why and blamed it on not been fit, but on the downhill descent I realised it was quite a climb to the top of the Croix Fry. The weather was threatening all day and I declared that it would be amazing if we didn’t get wet, which of course we did a few minutes later. It was a lovely quiet ride towards the Croix fry through a wooded area with great tarmac. I wondered as I cycled over it that ‘I bet it was this way because the tour had passed the previous year’

We came to the Col at long last me puffing and panting, it was very quiet except for a bus load of Grannies having lunch at the hotel. By the way these are the best toilets I’m sure in France. A grand coffee and equally large Chocolate Croissant was ordered with not  enough cash but luckily they accepted a card.



Exif_JPEG_PICTURE We free wheeled back to La Praise and started the steady climb up the Aravais with markers along the way showing pleasant gradient markers ranging from a wonderful 4% to 7% the going was much easier and with switchbacks that seemed to flow we soon made our way to the Col top with much more ease. Maybe the Criossant did the job.

samoens 524With rain threatening above we  did’nt mess about on the top but made our way quickly  back down to La Grand Bonnand a lovely free wheel on quiet roads with stunning gentle pastures flying by, and cow bells ringing through the valley.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Here is a link to the last visit on the Col de la Croix fry sharing it with the Tour de France

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