Mont du Chat


Mont du Chat 13 kms

Height gain 1250m start 250m

Noted to be the hardest cycle climb in France. I do not disagree. A pretty cycle with a quiet road on good tarmac going to the top of Cat mountain. The views along the way included Vines daggling beside the roadside, dappled sunshine through the trees and glimpses down to beautiful Lake Bourget.

A lovely little cafe at the top sharing it’s space with a communication tower serving large salads, the famous mytille tartlets we see in the Alps and refreshing drinks thank goodness.

The gradients deserve their own paragraphs starting at 9% we were waved out of the village by local residents that knew we were fools on this hot day. It changed to numerous 10% and then a nice 11% to make us appreciate the ease of 10%

A great Mountain to climb, I did get off a few times to mutter words of anger!! And wondered if I would see the summit, but I did.

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