Col Du Glandon

Col du Glandon 1924 m  and Col de la Croix Fer 2067m

Start and Finish and Finish Saint Etienne de Cuines …30miles

Height Gain… 1617 m



A truly beautiful classic climb, that would rate highly on any cyclists list. Quiet roads, great tarmac and awe inspiring scenery  passing by. Gradients averaged around 7 to 8 % for about 12 miles, then became higher when we cycled into the Alpage. Waterfalls tumbling, open Glens full of crazing cows and Mountain peaks that made the heart sing.


The last 3kms signs told 11% but I think a bruising 13% on a couple of the hairpins to the top. Blue skies above, locals picking Mytilles off the bushes with fancy fork gadgets ( Blueberries) and a challenge to ride to the top.


The final last bend to the top, the scenery reminds me of Highlands and my local Newlands Valley just a mere 6,000 feet higher.


A classic fun top and the sight of the next challenge to come for the Yellow jersey cyclists.



Barely any traffic on the roads, just a few locals wondering what all the excitement is about.

Cuddly Marmots popping up from hidden holes and Kestrels hovering in the mountain thermals.


A little more crowded, but all come to admire the view on this classic Tour de France top.


Wild flowers of Purple Hairbells and herbs Of Thyme and Oregano.


Admiring the view all the way back, a spectacular day on two wheels.



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