Tour de Yorkshire Whitby 2016


A cold wet very windy day for the riders making there way from Middlesborough the finishing line at Scarborough. The crowds lined the way through the Yorkshire towns and villages, with flags proudly flying and plenty of bikes sprayed yellow and blue. Thirsk choose the knitted course with handmade garments lining the streets.


We found our spot on the way out of Whitby, high up near the Abbey and away from the busy centre. The helicopter alerted us early the raceway on its way down the Guisborough road. Excitement filled the hearts of the waiting fans.Many  Motorbike policemen whizzed by with horns blowing. The riders were close, the helicopter hoovered above. Shouts and cheers and waving of flags, the riders speed by, we make out a few familiar faces and kit sponsors. Tommy Voecler is amongst the leaders with Nicholas Roche for team sky fighting for a place.


All the cyclists seem happy to see the crowds, even some managing a smile for the cheers they receive. They soon speed by, heading along the country road to Robin Hoods bay and on to Oliver mount where the fight for winner of the Yorkshire crown will be told.



The great Tommy Voecler wins the heart of the Yorkshire crowd and races for glory past Nicholas Roche.


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